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Our staff has traveled the world in search of well-made, stylish and unique eye wear. Our selections provide fashionable options for the entire family, at a wide range of prices.
Whether it is a durable X-Games frame for a young boy, Tom Ford sunglasses for dad or a pair of hand made Lafont frames for mom we have something for everyone.
Our patients enjoy the non-rushed, zero-stress frame selection process at Oculist Optique. There is no retail environment, no sales quota for our staff and no pressure to decide. Whether you try on one frame or one hundred frames, you will enjoy your time with us.

State of the Art Lens Technology

All lenses are not created equal and the same lens technology is not appropriate for every patient.
Oculist Optique carries a wide array of lenses, including the latest digital, free-form technology lenses from Shamir Optical and Transitions photochromic lenses in a wide variety of materials.
The Oculist Optique team will help educate you on the most appropriate material, lens type and surface coating to maximize your vision, keep your eyeglasses easy to clean and to help you look your best.

The keys to selecting the right lens are understanding what you plan on doing while wearing your glasses (e.g. golfers need very different lenses than carpenters), what style of frames you prefer, how tough you are on your eyewear and what your prescription is. 

Our team takes all of these factors into account before recommending the perfect lens options for you.